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Step-by-Step procedure on How to change Hotmail Mobile Number at or or…
Hotmail accounts which are commonly known as the outlook is a service which is gaining a lot of popularity among many people. This a free email service for the well-known Microsoft. Hotmail works by sending and receiving emails for free.

Hotmail service was upgraded to new outlook email service and has gain a lot of members and millions of people want to be associated with service. Hotmail or the outlook accounts have gone further in taking care of security matters. They have strict term and conditions ensuring all the Hotmail users are secure and enjoy the service fully.

With new technologies hacking has become common. Complaints are being file of people using and leaking up information from the email accounts without owner’s knowledge. Hotmail has come up with a way of sending security codes to user’s mobile numbers. The codes are used to enhance security for your Hotmail account.

However some individual have lost the registered number with Hotmail and cannot get details or security information from Microsoft. The question is how do I change my Hotmail Mobile Number in the Hotmail account? Remember the number you first place in your account is very important. You need it for password and verification of account.

This is easy we have different but simple ways to change every detail filled as you registered. Note Hotmail/outlook account is simply the Microsoft account we actually don’t have account such as Hotmail. This a product of the large Microsoft account. Now when it comes to changing any detail you are changing stuff related to your Microsoft account not Hotmail account.

hotmail mobile number change

Change Hotmail mobile number

Security details

If one loss the Hotmail Mobile Number or forget its best to change the security setting as follow.

  1. First login to your Hotmail account. On the home page select the display name which in most cases is place at the top right corner.
  2. Directly go to the account setting the information will be shown on the screen.

How do I change the security options in or

  • On the same page go to the “Manage Advanced Security” which is found on the lower left.
  • The system will give a request for you to verify if you are the right account holder.
  • A Verification Code will be sent to your mobile number or registered mobile number.
  • This is just a measure to reduce cases for hackers. But sometime we don’t have the number we can have other alternative ways as we proceed to this next step.
  • Go to the option of I don’t have any of the details.
  • The account will give a different information of you are about to have more intensive procedure.
  • Now select the next button.
  • You need a recovery code to help you proceed. In case you don’t have or have forgotten please click on the no button.
  • You get a chance to add a phone number and give an alternate email to get the security information. The system will send you a warning before you proceed.
  • Choose the media you want to receive the security code. Either the phone or email and then press next.
  • Go to your phone or the email account and give the code received.
  • Note the system will in some way punish you. Yap since you never provided any information which is known to the Hotmail account. You cannot access any security information with 30 days. However after this the phone number and the email will be set to work and you can make all the changes you need.

How to Adding or removing Hotmail Mobile number in or or

In this article we discuss on the change of Hotmail Mobile Number this might also occur if one needs to add or to completely remove the number. This takes few seconds and steps as follows:

  • Go to the Hotmail account
  • When the home page open select the add security information
  • You will receive choices of add a phone number or email address.
  • You also get a choice of whether to receive the security code using text or voice code.
  • Proceed to the next step where you will receive a security code. Use it on the account and this will help you add the phone details to your account.
  • It is much simpler to remove details from your Hotmail account than to add.
  • You just click on the remove button on the account page. It can be either a phone number or email. The system will automatically delete the information.

How do I maintain Security Information?
Personal information means a lot to you. You have to look for ways to ensure it doesn’t leak to the outside world. Details like passwords and account phone numbers codes are the fine details one can’t afford to share. You have to keep updating information on your Hotmail and other email accounts to avoid hacking problems. Remember technology and digitalization has come with part of disadvantages. We have smart individuals who can just access and work on your accounts.

This comes with a lot of complication as you might never access your account again. It might be used to send the wrong information to other accounts. One cannot even afford to imagine such scenarios.

Here we can discuss on some alternatives and ways of how you can secure your account.

  • Have more than one alternative email or phone number. This helps when you forget or loss your phone number.
  • The Microsoft accounts are set in way that you can have additional recovery code. It is always safe to have more than one code.
  • Ensure the information you present is correct to access the Hotmail account.
  • Don’t share the account details with different people.

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