How to Change Hotmail Password in (Outlook Password)

How to Change Hotmail Password or How to Modify Outlook Password in….
Is your hotmail password leaked to your friends or relatives or you just want to change your password to make it easier to remember and is searching for “Hotmail Password Change” in some search engine.This post is all about changing your hotmail password.

How to change Hotmail Password or Microsoft Outlook password at

  • First go to or and login to your Hotmail account that you want to change Hotmail password of.
  • After the page is loaded, click on the top right icon where you can see your name along with your profile image.
    Go to account settings.
  • You will see password and security info just below Account Aliases. Click Password link.
  • Change Password Hotmail. There you will be asked to enter your current password, new password and new password as shown in above pic.(every entry is necessary). Click Save.

Note: Make sure that your new password is mix form of upper case, lower case, special character, numbers, to make it strong.You can also check the option where you are made by Hotmail to change your password in every 72 days. You can find this option just below re enter password text box.

hotmail password change

hotmail password change

You can also reset your Hotmail password in case you forgot one, follow these steps:

  1. Go to or
  2. Click Can’t access your account? Link below sign in button.
  3. Enter you email account in the Microsoft account textbox.
  4. Enter the captcha. Click Next
  5. You will be provided options to send a code to your phone, or security question or from secondary email.
  6. While choosing to get code to your phone, you can also choose to get code via text or call. Enter the code below and submit it. Enter new password and re enter password. Click Next.
  7. While choosing to get password through security question, you will be asked your security question. Enter your answer in the text box. Enter new password and re enter the password. Click Next.

This is how you change password in hotmail.

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