Hotmail Signup Account Registration at or

Simplest Procedure on How to Register Hotmail Signup Account Registration at or…
If you are new in internet world and trying to do some amazing things using Hotmail, you should be aware that presently Hotmail is replaced by outlook from Microsoft. So first open a web browser which you can choose from many available browsers like Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Microsoft’s inbuilt Internet Explorer if you are using Windows Operating System. Once you’re acquainted with web browser, type web address or which also takes you to home page of

Hotmail SignUp or Hotmail Account Registration at or

Now you can see the Hotmail Signin area where there is area to enter e-mail address and password to go to your private account. But as you are new to this Hotmail and for making new Hotmail account, following below steps will be very helpful:

  • At first click on ‘Create Free Account’ button which can be seen on lower right place on homepage.
  • After this, Choose Username with or
  • After you can choose the Password.
  • In the next page to enter personal details is appeared on desktop.
  • In here you should enter your first and last name, birth date, select a gender.
  • Then enter a Microsoft account name or e-mail address which should be unique as no two persons can have same account name. The Hotmail itself suggest some available e-mail addresses if the entered one is already in use.
  • In next filling area, password should be written which don’t appeared as typed but as a black dot for security purposes. You should know that the e-mail addresses are the one to share with but not password. So the password should be chosen that can be easily remembered and must have 8 characters minimum. The password is case sensitive and it will be better from security point to have the password as a combination of character, numbers and special characters.
hotmail signup

Hotmail signup account

  • The next step is to give information about your whereabouts and phone number or alternate e-mail address so Hotmail can contact if there is some problem with your account or the password is forgotten. Beside these, the security question can be chosen to give a unique answer just known to yourself to use it in difficult conditions regarding Hotmail account like password loss, account hacks, etc.
  • Now you should choose your country / region and type zip code of your area.
  • After this there is a part where Hotmail tests if you are a robot. This is a bit funny but anyway without this you can’t have account. So there is option to choose between audio and characters for this test. And I personally suggest character part as it is easy comparing audio and you just have to type same characters shown in blank space.
  • Now lastly you should accept their privacy statements and agreements by simply clicking to ‘I Accept’ button.

After all the above steps are completed and all are entered correctly, by now you have your own Hotmail Account. If there are some errors or some information missing, you are advised to make right such mistakes before having new account.

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