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A Complete Guide or Complete Overview on (….
Welcome, if this is your first time landing on this page to know about the world’s second most famous web mail service provider, In fact signifies Hotmail is constructed with two different words “HOT” and “MAIL”. Both the HOT and MAIL have their own different meaning and existence. If we use our common sense the meaning of Hotmail is fresh mail. The keyword Hotmail is very interesting to draw the attention of user to make them create a unique account. Either or the things are same in terms of functionality and meaning.

Overview on

Hotmail and Outlook is interchangeable the same as vary or differ and the United Kingdom or the Great Britain. If the users are new and want to open the official website of Hotmail with the aims to create a Hotmail account or login to Hotmail, definitely the users will be redirected to This is the very reason the users often get confused. So henceforward, the suggestion from this website is users do not have to be confuse with Hotmail, windows live or outlook. As a gradual progress or process the Hotmail has been regularly updating or integrating till now. It is inevitable as the demand of time and users. We have already known the fact above that is the updated version of with so many specific features or characteristics. If the literary meaning of Hotmail is fresh mail, then what is the technical meaning of Hotmail? I think this question might have alerted you for a while. Don’t worry ! the answer is simple the technical meaning of Hotmail comes with the functionality of web mail service. Of course, the main purpose of Hotmail or Outlook is to give service of web base mail only for the registered users. So be ready to signup Hotmail account first to get full access in Hotmail web mail services. Signin Page

Except English language is available in 106 different languages. You can easily speculate the mass of Outlook users worldwide. Let’s go back to the history of Hotmail, the web mail service provider was launched in July 4, 1996 with the branded name as Hotmail. Similarly, was integrated with in July 31, 2012 with additional user friendly features. According to the data taken from Alexa Ranking on July 4, 2013, the global rank of is at 363 which is pretty good. The stat shows the increment of rank up to 76 comparing to previous three months. Similarly, the outlook is at 179 in the context of the United State of America.

Which country has more visitors on
Almost 50% of the visitors or so called traffic to the official website of hotmail is from the United State of America.

Unable to open or

Here are few reasons on user has Unable to open or…
Urgent of looking at your mails but feeling frustrated of not being able to access your hotmail homepage! I know it’s really embarrassing when you are even unable to open is one way to access your email! After all it’s about signing in to your hotmail account and dealing with your Open MSN Hotmail!. Hotmail is one of the beautiful email host of Microsoft, it is one sort of a highly dedicated server at Microsoft to emails, but still the user sometime face problem trying to access their account.

Unable to open or

The reason behind unable to open listed are as follows…..

  • Network connections error. It might be your internet connection so for a cross check, type any other url like and see if it opens
  • server down, if the server is down you can check that at!
  • Don’t worry, even if the server is down at you can still login to hotmail page by many other methods, if you have your well working internet!
unable to open

unable to open

  • As I already said hotmail, msn, windows live, outlook are all the lovely children of Microsoft alone! So they are all interlinked!
  • If is giving problems, you can access hotmail by going to the links:,, > sign in and >sign in. These all will lead to to the same sign in page, you can always go from anywhere to login to your hotmail email account. This is one of the magnificent versatility that is offered by Microsoft! But, I felt a very humorous thing that I didn’t encounter any sign in in the main Microsoft page of! Amazing isn’t it?

Now, I feel that your problem has been resolved! And if it is still continuing, you must be checking your internet connections. And might be sometimes, someone has fitted in the browser exceptions for, what about checking that once?

How to Change Hotmail Password in (Outlook Password)

How to Change Hotmail Password or How to Modify Outlook Password in….
Is your hotmail password leaked to your friends or relatives or you just want to change your password to make it easier to remember and is searching for “Hotmail Password Change” in some search engine.This post is all about changing your hotmail password.

How to change Hotmail Password or Microsoft Outlook password at

  • First go to or and login to your Hotmail account that you want to change Hotmail password of.
  • After the page is loaded, click on the top right icon where you can see your name along with your profile image.
    Go to account settings.
  • You will see password and security info just below Account Aliases. Click Password link.
  • Change Password Hotmail. There you will be asked to enter your current password, new password and new password as shown in above pic.(every entry is necessary). Click Save.

Note: Make sure that your new password is mix form of upper case, lower case, special character, numbers, to make it strong.You can also check the option where you are made by Hotmail to change your password in every 72 days. You can find this option just below re enter password text box.

hotmail password change

hotmail password change

You can also reset your Hotmail password in case you forgot one, follow these steps:

  1. Go to or
  2. Click Can’t access your account? Link below sign in button.
  3. Enter you email account in the Microsoft account textbox.
  4. Enter the captcha. Click Next
  5. You will be provided options to send a code to your phone, or security question or from secondary email.
  6. While choosing to get code to your phone, you can also choose to get code via text or call. Enter the code below and submit it. Enter new password and re enter password. Click Next.
  7. While choosing to get password through security question, you will be asked your security question. Enter your answer in the text box. Enter new password and re enter the password. Click Next.

This is how you change password in hotmail.

Hotmail Login Problem at (Bing Login Problem)

Simple way to rectify Common Hotmail Login Problem or Bing Login Problem or Outlook Login Problem at…. is one of the best free web-based emails service provided by Microsoft company. Hotmail, now renamed as Outlook has millions of active users all around the globe. You need your own Microsoft account in order to log in to your hotmail account. During signing in, users might have to face Hotmail Login problem. Even if you are a active user, unexpected problem may arise.

Common Hotmail Login Problem (Outlook Login Problem) at

Internet connection: Check out the internet connection first before you go to the address or or If there is no internet connection, then you will see message like ‘Page cannot be found’. Contact your ISP if you alone can’t solve the problem.

Forgotten Email or Password: User may forget their email address or password. If you cannot remember it, then you can reset / change your password very easily. In order to reset your password, follow these steps:

  • Click on ‘Can’t access your account?‘ link from the Hotmail login page.
  • This will lead you to the reset page. Choose one of the 3 reasons why are you having trouble signing in?
  • If you are sure you have totally lost your password and cannot remember it, then select the first reason.
  • If you know your password, but still you can’t sign in, then choose the second one. Double check the account you’re trying to sign in to. Sometimes people mistype the email address.

hotmail login problem

  • If you think your account is hacked or you know that someone might be using your account, then choose the third one. Select a reason why you think so from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the ‘Next’ button.
  • Now you have to enter your Microsoft account and the Captcha that you see on your screen..
  • Follow the steps, provide your working mobile phone. Then you will receive a code for changing your password.
  • Use the new password next time your sign in.

Spelling Mistakes: Spelling mistake is one of the common mistakes during log in process. Re-check your spelling or try again. Password are always case-sensitive, so make sure you turn off the Caps lock on your keyboard. For e.g. password and PASSWORD are different things.

If you still have any problems regarding Hotmail sign in, then go to Help & Support of Hotmail. You can even leave your question on the comment box below.