Hotmail Toolbar of (Steps for How to Setup Hotmail Tool Bar)

So, you too have been facing a problem with the Hotmail toolbar. For those who are not aware about these, let me tell you that not all but most of the Hotmail user’s toolbar gets hidden or goes missing while they are using it. If this is what’s going on with you then let me help you with this problem.
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Ways To Solve the Hotmail Toolbar Problem Of

First check if the browser you are using is an up to date or not. Actually, you need to have an updated version because if you don’t then the browser may not have supported the Hotmail site. So, you can fix by updating your toolbar

Likewise, if you are using the internet explorer browser then you can exhibit the missing Hotmail toolbar by following ways.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click view and Select Toolbar.
  3. Now this will display the entire tool bar available.
  4. Click to enable it.

One thing you need to know that the Tool bar for Internet explorer is available only if an Email client is installed on the computer. So, if you haven’t installed then install the email client.

Now, there are also other reason why your Hotmail toolbar could have been gone missing. One is due to browser incompatibility, second browser cache, and lastly browser setting. So, let me help you to solve all these problems.

Clear Browser Cache: Check the setting as per your browser.

Press this key in your keyboard.clear browser cache

  • For Internet Explorer browser: CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, simultaneously and press Delete.
  • For Google Chrome: CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, simultaneously and press Clear Browsing Data.
  • For Firefox: CTRL+SHIFT+DEL, simultaneously and press Clear Now.

Reset your browser setting in internet explorer

Follow these steps to reset the setting.

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Click Reset all zones to default level
  • Click OK

To Check The Browser Compatibility
To know if you browser is compatible for Hotmail, then go to this link or copy the link in your address bar to know about it.

The link is

Thus, above are the major ways you can solve the problem regarding the missing toolbar in your Hotmail. However, if you can’t solve the problem with above mentioned ways, and your problem still persists then I sincerely recommend you to contact the Microsoft website, and ask for the help to solve it. Besides, enjoy using the Hotmail email service.

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