Unable to open www.hotmail.com or https://outlook.live.com/owa/

Here are few reasons on user has Unable to open www.hotmail.com or https://outlook.live.com/owa/…
Urgent of looking at your mails but feeling frustrated of not being able to access your hotmail homepage! I know it’s really embarrassing when you are even unable to open www.hotmail.com. Hotmail.com is one way to access your email! After all it’s about signing in to your hotmail account and dealing with your Open MSN Hotmail!. Hotmail is one of the beautiful email host of Microsoft, it is one sort of a highly dedicated server at Microsoft to emails, but still the user sometime face problem trying to access their account.

Unable to open www.hotmail.com or outlook.live.com

The reason behind unable to open hotmail.com listed are as follows…..

  • Network connections error. It might be your internet connection so for a cross check, type any other url like google.com and see if it opens
  • hotmail.com server down, if the server is down you can check that at www.isitdownrightnow.com!
  • Don’t worry, even if the server is down at hotmail.com you can still login to hotmail page by many other methods, if you have your well working internet!
unable to open www.hotmail.com

unable to open www.hotmail.com

  • As I already said hotmail, msn, windows live, outlook are all the lovely children of Microsoft alone! So they are all interlinked!
  • If hotmail.com is giving problems, you can access hotmail by going to the links: www.live.com, www.outlook.com, www.msn.com > sign in and www.windows.com >sign in. These all will lead to to the same sign in page, you can always go from anywhere to login to your hotmail email account. This is one of the magnificent versatility that is offered by Microsoft! But, I felt a very humorous thing that I didn’t encounter any sign in in the main Microsoft page of www.microsoft.com! Amazing isn’t it?

Now, I feel that your problem has been resolved! And if it is still continuing, you must be checking your internet connections. And might be sometimes, someone has fitted in the browser exceptions for hotmail.com, what about checking that once?

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